Would you like to participate in one of our studies?

We are looking for participants from ages 18 and up and from all different kinds of backgrounds to participate in our memory and cognition studies. We conduct two different types of studies. In the first type, you come into the laboratory and participate in simple tasks on a computer. In the second type, you will have to travel to an MRI facility and lay in an MRI scanner while participating in similar computer tasks. Both types of studies are safe and we offer compensation for each. If you would like to see if you qualify, please fill out the form below and we will contact you and ask you a few questions.

Current Projects
Neural Correlates of Memory and Metamemory Across the Adult Lifespan
  • PURPOSE: To understand how people gain insight into their own memory. This knowledge will help improve educational outcomes by improving awareness of our learning as well as improve our understanding of how aging modifies this process.
  • ELIGIBILITY: Adults 18 and older who have no history of neurological disease or brain damage and are right-handed (due to differences in brain activity patterns).
  • LOCATIONS: Binghamton University’s campus and the UHS Vestal MRI Center.
  • TASK: One visit will require brief cognitive tests and the completion of a survey. The second visit will include an MRI scan, during which you will either be at rest or performing memory prediction tests.
  • TIME: This study consists of 2 sessions, lasting about 2 hours in total.
  • COMPENSATION: Members of the community will receive $50 for participating in this study. Students from Binghamton University will receive 2 research credit hours for participating.
  • HOW TO SIGN UP: Fill out your information below and someone will be in contact with you soon!
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Location of the lab

The Memory and Cognitive Control Research Laboratory is located on the Binghamton University campus, in Science 4 Room 359.

If you enter campus from the main entrance, use the first exit on the traffic circle to go right. Then, the parking lot for Science 4 will be the first left you come to. There is a designated space at the top of the lot (on the right, along the sidewalk) where you can park free of charge. Science 4 is the building immediately next to the parking lot (there are brains painted in the windows). We will meet you at the designated Psychology Department parking spot, located at the top of the lot.

If you have any questions, please call (607)444-2864.

The front entrance of Science 4. The designated parking spot is located just outside of the right edge of this picture.

If you have additional questions about participating in our studies, you can contact us with the form above, by emailing mac2research@binghamton.edu, or by calling (607)444-2864.