Ian M. McDonough

Principal Investigator

My training is in cognitive psychology with an emphasis on memory and aging. I completed my B.S. at UCLA and then went to the University of Chicago for graduate school. There, my research focused on the neural correlates of memory and decision processes to determine the accuracy of retrieved information and how these neural correlates differ across the lifespan. This research was conducted using both behavioral interventions and functional neuroimaging, and was supported by multiple dissertation awards. As a postdoc, I expanded my research focus to Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers to predict future cognitive impairments. I also received training in multivariate methods (support vector machine and partial least squares), structural neuroimaging analyses (brain volume, cortical thickness, diffusion tensor imaging), and longitudinal analyses (HLM). 

Dr. Destaw Bayabil Mekbib, Post-Doctoral Researcher


Kelsey Horn, Lab Technician

Kelsey received her B.S. in Biology at Binghamton University, where she was a part of Dr. Jessica Hua’s ecology lab. While her research background is in amphibians, she joined the MAC2 Lab to learn more about how to run a lab and to diversify her academic knowledge. She’s excited to learn more about what it takes to study people!

Email: khorn4@binghamton.edu

Graduate Student Alumni from the MAC2 Research Lab

  • Tasnuva Enam (Ph.D. from University of Alabama) – Now a professor at the University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff
  • Sarah Letang, (Ph.D. from University of Alabama) – Now a Neuropsychology Fellow at Spectrum Health
  • Hillary Erwin, (Ph.D. from University of Alabama) – Now a teaching professor at University of Dayton, Ohio